o get that smooth even finish it will have to be sanded

However a rubberwood first completes nearly 25 years as
a rubber producer before being turned into furniture. The dense grain, beautiful color,minimal shrinkage and ability to accept many finishes make it very popular. Once the tree dies it isthen milled making it friendly in every sense of the word. This member of the
Euphorbiaceae  family is characterized by
dense grain that is simply controlled in the kiln drying process. To get that smooth even finish it will have to be sanded, the
smoother the sanding the lighter the finish tends to turn out. When car productions increased so did the demand for rubber for the
tires. This led to a fall in rubber production until
it was discovered in 1960 that the rubberwood tree had other uses. They figured
out that it was a great wood for furniture as it was nearly as hard as oak. The lack of
shrinkage makes for a perfect material from which to build furniture. The
fact that it is also environmentally sound does not hurt its acceptance either. The
lumber is easy to work with and will take on many different finishes.Like so many rubber product other maple trees rubberwood is a sap producing
tree and in its paticular case rubber is produced.

. Today
rubberwood is the most environmentally friendly lumber that is milled and used
in furniture. Many
people misunderstand the name of  this
fine specimen of wood.
Since it is allowed to run a full production of latex nothing is wasted. By WW II, there was such a high demand for rubber that tires began to be
manufactured from synthetic material. To finish a piece of rubberwood is not much different than
other hard woods. A good trick to
sanding is to see the wood with your hands.
The nature of the name of the wood is confusing enough,
rubberwood invokes images of bouncing furniture when in fact this is one of the
most durable hardwoods used in furniture making today.  In this day and age the rubber from the rubberwood is used
primarily for erasers, condoms and gloves. It will
not be hard if you are good at your technique and use 150 grit sandpaper. Other types of wood used in the industry are specifically grown
only for their lumber. There is absolutely
no waste to this farmed lumber source. Instead of merely looking at it
feel the wood for rough patches, these rough areas will stain darker than
smoothe ones.
When this tree is farmed its sustainability feature is highly important. For
example rubberwood can be made to look like oak or rosewood, this can cause
confusion though when it comes time to identify what type of wood a particular
piece of furniture is made from. Do
not forget you must sand with the grain and not against it. Once a tree had fulfilled
its rubber making life time it would be cut down and burned as useless wood.  At the time when vulcanization was made perfect, a process
that kept rubber from degrading, production was augmented for the production of
bike tires.  Rubberwood has many names, rubber tree and in Thailand
it is called parawood. Whatever the name it is called by one thing is for sure
it is great for creating high end furniture. I prefer to sand with a sanding block and a clean hand