For some bizarre reason the huge shops seam to think charging

For some bizarre reason the huge shops seam to think charging 5 times what they should do is good business practice, we on the other hand however don’t.

So what do you think? Are you going to settle for second best and pay way over the odds rubber gasket for your underlay or are you going to take the smarter option and buy underlay direct and save cash on underlay.

So spread the word, its up to you to how much you really want to save, but we think that a couple of clicks on your mouse will save you ”’s.

Buy underlay from eUnderlay and we reckon you’ll save at least 80% on buying your underlay from one of the huge flooring stores.

You don’t have to panic about buying your underlay direct, we are specialists at supplying underlay and take out all the frustration of deciding what’s the best underlay for the job by finding it for you.

It’s not that we don’t believe in making money but we think 500% profit is a little much, especially as the carpet underlay that they generally push on you is a cheap alternative to the better quality carpet underlay you can buy from and you’ll take the risk completely out the mix, we don’t charge for our service we’re just happy that you get to save some cash on buying carpet underlay.

The fact is that this is one of the main areas where the huge stores make massive profits, by selling you underlay in tiny bags that they have a special deal on with the carpet underlay

For a start you will pay way over the odds for cheap rubber crumb underlay instead of high quality branded carpet underlay that will enhance the look, feel and life of your

The best way to find out just how much you can save is by asking how much they are going to charge you per square metre and then compare the quality that is offered to you.


Buy carpet underlay from eUnderlay.

We believe that you should pay a fair price for your underlay, one that is reasonable and doesn’t make it impossible to get the best quality underlay, we think being forced in to buying cheap rubber crumb underlay because you don’t have another option is a scandal.Most people settle for the old way to buy their carpet underlay which is to buy it from one of the huge carpet stores that they have bought their carpets from, however this might seam the best option but you might be surprised